September 2017
We also have a 1920's Cooch & sons winnower, (a 'fanned' sieve for cleaning grain prior to milling) for restoration and use alongside the windmill.

This is currently being measured and drawn by Crafty Tech Ltd, prior to its restoration

The vibrating sieve box has various slots for sieve plates, the top one for a punched hole sieve and the lower ones for a wire mesh sieve, with the hole size and angle chosen to optimise separation for different feeds and contaminants:

(I've not found a cross-reference to what these various riddle and screen sizes actually mean though!)

CAD Modelling

The parts are defined separately within Solidworks, and then 'mated' to produce a fully functioning CAD model and mechanism, which is then animated.

Explore the 3d CAD model (eDrawings required)

After downloading the .EASM file 3d CAD model of 1920's Cooch Winnower ,  save the file and load it with the 3d CAD viewer program eDrawings which will allow you to see and manipulate the nearly completed winnower CAD model: 

  • 'eDrawings Viewer'  is a free program for  viewing CAD work, and it can be downloaded from the SolidSolutions website, and elsewhere.  (You don't need the functionality of  'eDrawings Professional', which is not free!)

Note that this is viewing program doesn't permit modification of the file or any movement of the individual parts or animations, but it does allow viewpoint manipulation, sectioning, measurement and selective viewing of the many components. Enjoy!

If you would like your vintage machinery documented in this way, please contact Crafty Tech

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