Mobile corn mill

September 2017
Adrian Marshall, (the project leader for Chinnor windmill) is still involved through the engineering consultancy Crafty Tech Ltd, which was been commissioned to prepare working drawings for the restoration, measuring up the mobile mill in detail, and producing a Solidworks 3d CAD model, isometric drawings, and animations of its likely operation:

September 2016
The mobile mill has been passed to two local enthusiasts who will now start restoring it as a project of their own.

Mobile 1860 cornmill restoration

March 2012
Chinnor Windmill Society has acquired an old mobile cornmill, originally manufactured by the Test Valley Ironworks in about 1860. Here's a picture of it in better days.  We'll update on plans to repair and display this 'mobile mill' soon.
The mobile mill had a pair of mill stones on top, a flour dresser and a small roller mill. It was driven via a belt drive from a separate steam engine.

Lonely hearts:
Neglected old peripatetic miller in need of some TLC,
would like to meet a steam engine who needs something to drive,
for mutual restoration, and recreation of a little bit of rural history. 
Send photo of boiler!